Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sunday afternoon and all is quiet. Bob has the kids outside helping with his odd and ends jobs he loves to do. This weekend they have been working at cutting some wood for the summer campfires and the winter wood burning stove. Have to work to keep up some of those hobbies.

Saturday evening I went with a few cousins to an adult party. We had a good time to say the least! I had never been to one of these parties before. I guess I am ok with the products, but would rather a purchase be in total privacy - which it's supposed to be, but who really knows. I hope everyone is adult about it and keeps their noses out! Stopped by the bar on the way home, so not into the bar scene anymore. Costs too much to drink out! Can't imagine actually making a night of it. Guess my money goes to more important things, house, kids, scrapbooking!

Getting very excited for the scrapbook event next weekend. Have to make a final run to the grocery store for some snacks and I should be good to go! Sooo excited! This is my first one so I hope it all goes well.

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