Friday, June 25, 2010

Holy June already??

Well once again it's June and it's almost over. Crazy!! We've had a busy week here and with the full moon right around the corner - it's been an interesting one to say the least. This week Wednesday was a not so good day. Found toothpaste smeared all over the counter in the kid's bathroom. I didn't want to know who did it, but asked that the person who did it to please clean it up. With the blaming and he did it she did it.. everyone got sent to their room.. After 30 minutes Pete finally admitted to doing it and he cleaned it up. That's all I was asking...

Went upstairs to start some laundry and found another mess! Someone had taken my razor and shaved off my deodorant and it was everywhere. White little pieces all over. Once again I said who ever did it - please clean it up. They need to be responsible for their messes.. Right? Well this time it only took 45 minutes for Ella to admit fault. After she cleaned it up I apologizes to Joe and gave him 2 gumballs for not getting into trouble. But the others were so lucky to get Tabasco on their tongue for the lies. I didn't even ask to know who did it, but they insisted it wasn't them and were very quick to blame a sibling. Maybe they will learn? Someday? I'm sure if we don't get a handle on the lies now - they will be pros by the time they are teenagers and LORD help me then! It's hard when they are the same age and hitting the same stages at the same time! Whoa is me..

Sunday, April 25, 2010

April 2010


It's been a quite weekend here - we haven't had that in a long time! Bob was busy cutting more trails through the woods with the kids. They are so excited to be out and about with Dad. They have cut trees down and raked out 3 different trails. They love riding their bikes through them to their "houses". They've been working pretty hard to make houses out of sticks and logs and even paint signs to go in front of their trails. My kids have some great imaginations and it gets them outside. It will be fun for them to play in the woods when it's so hot out in the sun. Now I wish I was more of the nature queen to go and join them! We might have to clear a bigger spot out and put a picnic table out there so we can have lunches out there too? It's an idea?

Last night I went to see my Godson Shawn at his Junior prom Grand March. His date & girlfriend was Megan Sanders. He is such a nice looking young man and has grown up way too fast! He was born the year I graduated high school. YIKES I am not that old!

We are also at the busy season of dentist appointments. Tomorrow is Pete's appointment. Joe was first 2 weeks ago - he was just excited to have an afternoon with Mom and not have to share me. And was disappointed when all they had to offer was "Car" toothbrushes. The hygentist laughed and said he wasn't the only kid to request spiderman. Ella was last week - her appointment didn't go so well. She was over tired from being with Dad all weekend -Mom was at a scrapbook retreat - that she wasn't as cooperative as normal. She had bad gag refluxes and wasn't even able to do her x-rays. Maybe next time? And then was super excited when she got her refill of floss. The girl is addicted.. Can you floss too much? Pete's appointment is tomorrow so we'll see how that goes.

We also had the "Week of the young Child" last week. The kids were interviewed by their substitute teacher and put on the radio. Ella was first of the three - She was asked if she could go on a trip anywhere where would she go - her answer" Walmart". SAD!!! And then she said when she grew up she wanted to be a teacher and her favorite food was Noodles. Pete was next and when asked what his favorite food was he said Brocolli with cheese - who knew? But I think my favorite was when the teacher asked him what he wanted to do when he grew up he said " Traveling around the world as a train engineer".. And he has the motivation and mind to do it! Joe was cute and talked really fast but at then end the teacher asked him what his favorite thing to do was to play outside. and then paused. and said " of the kennel".. Well to all of you know us - we have a huge kennel for the dog and their sandbox and swing set are inside. Some times we play outside Inside the kennel so I know where they are and don't have to have constant supervision. He expects the world I tell you! he also said that he wanted to be an engineer and his favorite food was peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. They were all very cute and a lot braver than what I expected!

This past week we also had some interesting "overheard" conversations.. Pete "Joe you better not play in the water or Mom will make you stand in the corner". Joe's response " Only if she catches me!".. I gave him a few minutes to clean up - and his choice was to keep playing so yup - he had to stand in the corner. Then there was the conversation I overheard on the monitor. Still don't know what they were doing, but it was. "We better not do that - we'll get into trouble".. Ella's response was "I won't tell if you don't tell". They are getting smarter to warn each other, but also getting a lot smarter that they are plotting against me!

Today - Sunday - we went into Grandma and Grandpa's house for a late lunch. We are all tired from a busy weekend of playing outside so we are riding out the crabbiness for an early bedtime! Funny how kids can get so worn out and they very much need their sleep!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Scrapbook Retreat

This past weekend I was so fortunate to attend a Scrapbook Retreat! This bi-annual trip wasn't as successful as past, but I had fun and that's all that counts! We have already made plans to return to the same place in October - Is it really 6 months away? I did get some accomplished, but WON'T bore anyone with all of the layouts. These are some of my favorites to work on.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Two Wheels Only!

We are now BIG kids! We have all 3 successfully learned to start and stop on our own without training wheels on our bicycles! Dad was very patient and excited that we caught on so quickly! Great Job Kiddos! We are very proud!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

January 2010 - Bordum??

Well It's been quite a roller-coaster around here lately. Today I over heard Ella tell Pete " Don't worry - tomorrow is Friday and Dad will be home, then we can have some fun". Boy I feel the love!

We are really excited to have a new year here as December was a very busy month with 2 family parties, cookie decorating at Grandma Dietzmann's house, Christmas eve here and Christmas Day in the cities. Christmas eve was a crazy snowy mess! We had to alter all our plans as the snow was threatening us all getting snowed in together. Which could have been fun, but crazy would have been a little more like it! Christmas Day we were snowed in until about 3 in the afternoon. In which we hurried and packed our bags and got on the road for a slow drive to St Paul. Some of the festivities were held for our arrival. We had the pleasure of leaving the kids with grandma and Grandpa and coming back for a couple nights by ourselves. Much needed! We attended the "after Christmas" party at the newly purchased Ogdahl house in Starbuck. We had a fun hour long drive over - the drive should take about 25-30. But we were welcomed with screams and hollers as they realized that we drove all the way over for the party in our Mini-van. Others with big heavy duty 4 wheel drive trucks cancelled due to "bad weather". Ha Ha! We enjoyed the nice 18 day vacation that Dad had, but we are all happy to be back to our normal schedules again.

We had fun trying to build our first snowman this winter with the first snowfall. Not a very good one... snow wasn't sticky enough and didn't have rocks or anything to use for eyes.. We did have a fancy hat from a square plastic bowl and a carrot nose.

I am getting very excited for a whole Saturday of scrapbooking on Jan 16th! Yeah! I do have the opportunity to work here and there during the evening when Bob is working, but drag it out and put it away all the time is not fun. And I have the space to leave it out, but I also have a little girl who is into scrapbooking as well. She LOVES stickers and paper and glue and gel pens.. Maybe she'll some day be able to join me in scraping days?

Bob is always busy doing something as well. Now he is saving his coins for a cement floor for his shop.. Also still has his blue truck torn apart from replacing a head gasket. He's having a lot of fun doing that. Also trying to get an old snowmobile running that he had to buy.. He has high hopes for this weekend so he can pull the kids around in the big sled we bought.

Well I'm now being climbed on so it's time to find a new job to do.. I will try and update so much more in 2010..

Monday, July 13, 2009

4th of July 2009

Dad took vacation the week after the 4th of July - which fell on a Saturday this year. We started off our week with a Friday night tractor Pull in Villard. Kari, Matt, Madison & Luke were there along with cousins Ryan and Randy. Ryan and Matt were to pull their tractors in this event. However, we didn't make it that long. We all got hungry so after about 2 hours we left to have supper. It was a fun time and hope next time to make it a little longer. The 4th rolled around with BIG plans. We started off our day by heading to Alexandria to try and get a few groceries.. big mistake! Crazy town! Bought a few fireworks, but because Dad was being CHEAP we didn't get too many. Went to Villard again for the big parade.. Probably about 30 floats this year.. Nothing too crazy for Villard.. Combines, tractors you know the usual. After the parade we sat at Grandma and Grandpa Rupp's house for a little bit and ate a lot of candy!! So yummy! And after all that sugar hit and we all got really hyper, we decided to bring the Hushagens back to our house for supper and a bon fire. Mom and Dayle decided that we needed more fireworks and headed to Sauk Centre for them. Came back with a bunch more and we sat up until past 10:00 watching them! We had so much fun! Mike, Dayle, Tyler and Aron spent the night with us and had breakfast with us as well. We love having them for sleep overs! The rest of the day on Sunday was a quiet day and we all took naps!

Monday started off with a trip to the eye doctor for Joe. Needed to get a check up and see how his glasses are working. One lense has to be replaced with a stronger perscription, but otherwise everything was great! Got home from there and made a last minute decision to head to the Wahpeton, ND Zoo. It was a great trip and had fun, it was HOT, but we had fun. On the way home from the zoo Dad decided to treat us to a dairy Queen dilly bar. It was so yummy! That with a small bottle of water leads to trouble when you are on a road trip. Pete got a little antsy and said he had to go potty. Mom kept driving.... He stated once again that he had to go potty, but since we use that excuse to stop all the time - Mom kept driving. It wasn't until he almost started to cry and rock back and forth that Mom listened. Only problem we had no rest stops, nothing with a bathroom to stop at. Mom took the first exit and we pulled over and had the experience of pee'ing along side the road. Good thing no one drove by!! After Joe stated he had to go too we decided to head to Alex where we all stopped at Menards to have another potty break. We were ever so joyed when Dad said there was one more surprise - we could all pick out a new toy!! Since Menards doesn't have a huge toy selection we all decided to buy nothing more than a new tape measure! We have been measuring everything!! We love them!

Mom and Dad also decided to start a few projects and installed some new kitchen cupboards. Uncle Jason took them out of a house that was doing a remodel and brought them to dad with the thoughts of his garage. Mom looked at them and decided it was a good opportunity to add more cupboards to the kitchen. A few coats of paint and they are in. Makes the kitchen look really big now!

Grandma and Grandpa Dietzmann also came to visit for 2 days while Dad was on vacation. It was fun having them around. We even got to go shopping with Grandma and she bought us new toys! Why do Grandma's spoil us too much?

We are having a quiet day today (Monday) Dad went back to work and we are playing ever so noisily today while Mom is trying to catch up on computer work.. She's been slacking since Dad was on vacation!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Mom's scrapbook day interrupted by the ER.

Well it was supposed to be a quiet weekend. Friday was relaxed and did some yard work and then cleaned the house for a scrapbooking day that has been planned for months. Sam, Dayle, Mom, Abigail and myself were the attendees this time for the scrap day. Bob had the kids going from here to there all morning long. It worked out surprisingly well even with them here. I was worried about that. That however was all broken in the late afternoon when Joe came in from the shop with Dad - screaming and blood spueing from his mouth. I could only imagine the worst when Bob said - "Um Jamie, can you come down here". Me not being the excitable one was more annoyed that I got interrupted from my scrapbooking. I changed that attitude immediately when I saw Joe. My little guy was covered in blood. Who knew a lip could bleed that much. We got the bleeding to stop quite quickly and analyzed the situation and decided to call into the Emergency Room and ask if he needed stitches. It was a 3 corner gash and was over a 1/4 deep. They said we better bring him in. So off I go with the little fart in tow feeling sorry for myself because I was expecting for the scrapbooking day to be over by the time I returned. Got to the ER and the nurse that greeted us took a look and said "oh my buddy what happened". I had to laugh, because we didn't even ask him what had happened. And then you start to get fearful of what the answer is going to be. He just sat and stared at the nurse with the fearfulness of the sterile room. He asked if he was always this shy. I stated "Oh no, Just wait". The nurse chuckled and asked me the question, "what happened?". I said I was ashamed to admit it, but in the craziness of the event we failed to ask. We knew that they were in the shop and they were working at their workbench. Bob had made them their own workbench with a few tools to keep them away from his own stuff and projects. The nurse proceeded to call the doctor on call and say that stitches were needed. I warned Joe that they were going to have to sew up his lip and that he would have to get a shot. No need to scare the crap out of him with the doctor. I have always tried to warn them in advance with shots. I warn them it will hurt, but we have no choices on that matter. Joseph is such a mild mannered kid he just sat there looking over his little rimmed glasses with wide eyes. It took only a few minutes for the doctor to get in and she walked into the room. She was of India descent and had a thick accent. She asked Joe, once again what happened, he couldn't understand her. I had to translate for her and he started to talk.. He said, "well it just happened". Like that clarified anything. She looked at his lip and said that since the bleeding had stopped we could probably try the glue instead of the actual stitches. Joe was relieved. I have to admit I wasn't too excited about them either. One more trip back into the doctors office for removal of the stitches could be avoided by the glue. I was skeptical that it would hold, but so far it has held great and now we are dealing with a "fat" lip. In all the commotion, what did I forget to do? Take pictures to carry on the scrapbooking book. What an awesome MOM huh!! And what was even better is all this only took 75 minutes from leaving home to returning. Whew!! Still accomplished enough pages to feel that the day was well worth it! Hopefully we can do it again some day!