Monday, April 27, 2009

Another Monday

Here it is Monday again. Bob took off early this week as Pete was having his early sleepover at Grandma and Grandpa Dietzmanns house this week. Ella, Joe and I are planning to arrive Wednesday of this week. So Pete gets to have a little one on one time with them - he will love it!

We are heading into the big City of Oakdale for the annual Garage Sale weekend! Love this as the kids are little enough not to care that we are buying all their clothes there. I must try and get through some of their clothes to see what we still need. I tend to not buy much of anything for them in the stores - huge savings for us! We still spend money, but a fraction of brand new and the age that they are at - they really don't know the difference nor do they care. they enjoy garage sales too!

I am trying to get all clothes cleaned and packed for the rest of us to head out on Wednesday. I am just returning from a weekend away. First all weekend trip in a very long time for myself. It was both relaxing and I am accomplished a lot! I was at a scrapbook retreat in Northfield MN. Great place to share with 11 other women to scrapbook and chit chat. Quiet weekend, not much sleep, but so much fun! I look forward to doing this again. I got a total of 32 pages done. I could have done a few more, but I took my time and wanted them to look nice. I want to get them into a book soon! Must also finish that! I am also looking at a November event and really hoping that Dayle can join, but this is a busy time of the year for her so it's probably a no go for her. I must do an event here soon!

Well Joe and Ella are ready to head out to the store and maybe to check out a park in Belgrade.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sunday afternoon and all is quiet. Bob has the kids outside helping with his odd and ends jobs he loves to do. This weekend they have been working at cutting some wood for the summer campfires and the winter wood burning stove. Have to work to keep up some of those hobbies.

Saturday evening I went with a few cousins to an adult party. We had a good time to say the least! I had never been to one of these parties before. I guess I am ok with the products, but would rather a purchase be in total privacy - which it's supposed to be, but who really knows. I hope everyone is adult about it and keeps their noses out! Stopped by the bar on the way home, so not into the bar scene anymore. Costs too much to drink out! Can't imagine actually making a night of it. Guess my money goes to more important things, house, kids, scrapbooking!

Getting very excited for the scrapbook event next weekend. Have to make a final run to the grocery store for some snacks and I should be good to go! Sooo excited! This is my first one so I hope it all goes well.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Well we had a busy day at the Hushagens and ECFE. School was good topic today was siblings. I could go on for hours about how to try and work with 3 the same age! And with only one more week left we are almost to the end :( Playdate we had lunch and played outside all day! They had a new 10x10 ft sandbox! Dayle and I hit the volleyball around.. Brought back some memories... Should really try to find a volleyball league to join. We are both getting really excited about our scrapbook event next weekend in Northfield. A whole weekend to myself! If I really like it I might have to start doing it more often! I think we could have some fun!

It's a Wednesday....

I should have started this years ago, but I want to start to journal the everyday happenings that happen with the kids. It started when I read a blog sheet with Ann Swenson and thought it would be a great idea to do myself.

Yesterday we had a funny event. Pete and Joe were fighting over a chair for breakfast. I had to intervene and say that unless your name is written on a chair it is no one persons chair, and I don't see any names so you sit here and you sit here. NO more fighting over a chair. Right? Finished making breakfast and I could only laugh when Pete presented me with the chair with his name on it. Thank the lord it was a washable marker. Who said teaching them to write their names is a good thing?

Today is Thursday and we are getting ready to head to school, lunch at the Hushagens and playing. It should be a fun day!

I hope to blog everyday so I can have something for the kids to enjoy reading in years to come.