Thursday, January 14, 2010

January 2010 - Bordum??

Well It's been quite a roller-coaster around here lately. Today I over heard Ella tell Pete " Don't worry - tomorrow is Friday and Dad will be home, then we can have some fun". Boy I feel the love!

We are really excited to have a new year here as December was a very busy month with 2 family parties, cookie decorating at Grandma Dietzmann's house, Christmas eve here and Christmas Day in the cities. Christmas eve was a crazy snowy mess! We had to alter all our plans as the snow was threatening us all getting snowed in together. Which could have been fun, but crazy would have been a little more like it! Christmas Day we were snowed in until about 3 in the afternoon. In which we hurried and packed our bags and got on the road for a slow drive to St Paul. Some of the festivities were held for our arrival. We had the pleasure of leaving the kids with grandma and Grandpa and coming back for a couple nights by ourselves. Much needed! We attended the "after Christmas" party at the newly purchased Ogdahl house in Starbuck. We had a fun hour long drive over - the drive should take about 25-30. But we were welcomed with screams and hollers as they realized that we drove all the way over for the party in our Mini-van. Others with big heavy duty 4 wheel drive trucks cancelled due to "bad weather". Ha Ha! We enjoyed the nice 18 day vacation that Dad had, but we are all happy to be back to our normal schedules again.

We had fun trying to build our first snowman this winter with the first snowfall. Not a very good one... snow wasn't sticky enough and didn't have rocks or anything to use for eyes.. We did have a fancy hat from a square plastic bowl and a carrot nose.

I am getting very excited for a whole Saturday of scrapbooking on Jan 16th! Yeah! I do have the opportunity to work here and there during the evening when Bob is working, but drag it out and put it away all the time is not fun. And I have the space to leave it out, but I also have a little girl who is into scrapbooking as well. She LOVES stickers and paper and glue and gel pens.. Maybe she'll some day be able to join me in scraping days?

Bob is always busy doing something as well. Now he is saving his coins for a cement floor for his shop.. Also still has his blue truck torn apart from replacing a head gasket. He's having a lot of fun doing that. Also trying to get an old snowmobile running that he had to buy.. He has high hopes for this weekend so he can pull the kids around in the big sled we bought.

Well I'm now being climbed on so it's time to find a new job to do.. I will try and update so much more in 2010..

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