Monday, June 29, 2009

Mom's scrapbook day interrupted by the ER.

Well it was supposed to be a quiet weekend. Friday was relaxed and did some yard work and then cleaned the house for a scrapbooking day that has been planned for months. Sam, Dayle, Mom, Abigail and myself were the attendees this time for the scrap day. Bob had the kids going from here to there all morning long. It worked out surprisingly well even with them here. I was worried about that. That however was all broken in the late afternoon when Joe came in from the shop with Dad - screaming and blood spueing from his mouth. I could only imagine the worst when Bob said - "Um Jamie, can you come down here". Me not being the excitable one was more annoyed that I got interrupted from my scrapbooking. I changed that attitude immediately when I saw Joe. My little guy was covered in blood. Who knew a lip could bleed that much. We got the bleeding to stop quite quickly and analyzed the situation and decided to call into the Emergency Room and ask if he needed stitches. It was a 3 corner gash and was over a 1/4 deep. They said we better bring him in. So off I go with the little fart in tow feeling sorry for myself because I was expecting for the scrapbooking day to be over by the time I returned. Got to the ER and the nurse that greeted us took a look and said "oh my buddy what happened". I had to laugh, because we didn't even ask him what had happened. And then you start to get fearful of what the answer is going to be. He just sat and stared at the nurse with the fearfulness of the sterile room. He asked if he was always this shy. I stated "Oh no, Just wait". The nurse chuckled and asked me the question, "what happened?". I said I was ashamed to admit it, but in the craziness of the event we failed to ask. We knew that they were in the shop and they were working at their workbench. Bob had made them their own workbench with a few tools to keep them away from his own stuff and projects. The nurse proceeded to call the doctor on call and say that stitches were needed. I warned Joe that they were going to have to sew up his lip and that he would have to get a shot. No need to scare the crap out of him with the doctor. I have always tried to warn them in advance with shots. I warn them it will hurt, but we have no choices on that matter. Joseph is such a mild mannered kid he just sat there looking over his little rimmed glasses with wide eyes. It took only a few minutes for the doctor to get in and she walked into the room. She was of India descent and had a thick accent. She asked Joe, once again what happened, he couldn't understand her. I had to translate for her and he started to talk.. He said, "well it just happened". Like that clarified anything. She looked at his lip and said that since the bleeding had stopped we could probably try the glue instead of the actual stitches. Joe was relieved. I have to admit I wasn't too excited about them either. One more trip back into the doctors office for removal of the stitches could be avoided by the glue. I was skeptical that it would hold, but so far it has held great and now we are dealing with a "fat" lip. In all the commotion, what did I forget to do? Take pictures to carry on the scrapbooking book. What an awesome MOM huh!! And what was even better is all this only took 75 minutes from leaving home to returning. Whew!! Still accomplished enough pages to feel that the day was well worth it! Hopefully we can do it again some day!

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