Friday, June 25, 2010

Holy June already??

Well once again it's June and it's almost over. Crazy!! We've had a busy week here and with the full moon right around the corner - it's been an interesting one to say the least. This week Wednesday was a not so good day. Found toothpaste smeared all over the counter in the kid's bathroom. I didn't want to know who did it, but asked that the person who did it to please clean it up. With the blaming and he did it she did it.. everyone got sent to their room.. After 30 minutes Pete finally admitted to doing it and he cleaned it up. That's all I was asking...

Went upstairs to start some laundry and found another mess! Someone had taken my razor and shaved off my deodorant and it was everywhere. White little pieces all over. Once again I said who ever did it - please clean it up. They need to be responsible for their messes.. Right? Well this time it only took 45 minutes for Ella to admit fault. After she cleaned it up I apologizes to Joe and gave him 2 gumballs for not getting into trouble. But the others were so lucky to get Tabasco on their tongue for the lies. I didn't even ask to know who did it, but they insisted it wasn't them and were very quick to blame a sibling. Maybe they will learn? Someday? I'm sure if we don't get a handle on the lies now - they will be pros by the time they are teenagers and LORD help me then! It's hard when they are the same age and hitting the same stages at the same time! Whoa is me..

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  1. I got some terrific advice from another mom when my oldest started lying. She told me to give each child a jar and add in white marbles when they told the truth and black ones when they lied. When they want to go to sleepovers, bithday parties, or other special events they have to "ask the jar" and pick a marble. They have all missed special events due to their lies and understand that it is their choice!